Professional athletes using ice baths

Selena McLeod

Endurance athletes are typically thought of as the main users of ice baths as a recovery technique.  The reality is that ice baths are used by competitive athletes participating in all kinds of sports throughout the world.  We searched "ice bath" in Twitter and thought the results were worth sharing.  After sifting through the many entertaining selfies of people taking ice baths, ten of the more notable athletes are mentioned below.  This fun bit of research shows that cryotherapy continues to be used by athletes who are at the top of their field.

We've linked each athlete’s name to their tweet posting either a photo or video of themselves taking an ice bath. Enjoy!

Lebron James

Professional Basketball Player

Alexis Sanchez 

Professional Soccer Player for Arsenal FC

Usain Boldt

Fastest Person Ever. Jamaican Sprinter and World Record Holder for the 100m and 200m

Ryan Lochte

Swimmer for Team USA, Olympic Medalist

Eugenie Bouchard

Canadian Professional Tennis Player

Luke Shaw

Professional Soccer Player for Manchester United FC

Mo Farah

Olympic and World Champion in the 5,000m to 10,000m

Zoe Gillings-Brier 

Snowboarder for Team GB, 3-time Olympian

Andy Murray

Scottish Professional Tennis Player

Eden Hazard

Professional Soccer Player for Chelsea FC